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Our Story

Aiming to create a transparent value chain by giving our behind the scenes heroes their due credit,

WeAreLabeless rehabilitates women from distressed areas, empowering them by uplifting, rehabilitating and providing fair wages while striving to create a zero-waste cycle of ethical and conscious clothing.

Our Values

Community: We are a conscious hub working towards bringing people together while crafting products. Working closely with craftsmen, artisans and weavers from all across the country, we collaborate with diverse Indian Art forms to fashion daily wear luxury clothing that narrate a story.

Women-centric value chain: Rigorously working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, our value chain focuses majorly on SDG 5-


Gender Equality: Working on creating a women-centric production, we wish to empower women by uplifting them and providing fair wages.

Zero Waste: We truly believe “waste is not waste until you waste it”. All the waste that is generated while production, smaller bits of fabrics are utilised to make accessories like earrings, key-chains, ties, belts and patched pieces of clothing. Scraps that are too small to be used, go into making earrings. Therefore, nothing is really wasted.

Educate: Collaborate. Create: We focus on educating people regarding how to utilise their old/worn out clothes, bits and pieces of fabrics through upcycling workshops that not only encourage the reuse of the local excess materials, but also invites to embrace the development of the smaller businesses. In the evolving journey of being a people and planet friendly brand, we are on a constant lookout for partners with the same ethics and values. We collaborate with individuals and organisations in our short-or long-term projects, aiming to reach as many areas and people as possible through collective working.

No-Overproduction: Under the SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production, we believe in producing when required thus ensuring that we do not overproduce. The collections are trans-seasonal, made of one of a kind, ethically sourced materials, eliminating the pressure to follow trends imposed by the fashion industry.

How we came into being?

WeAreLabeless started as an individual realisation and then a collective journey that was taken by Mehak Tariq Beigh & Pallavi Yadav. 

As the name itself suggests, the idea behind WeAreLabeless was not to glorify an individual but to give equal credits to each individual in the value chain. We like to call it creative osmosis, where each individual learns from the other and creates products.

The goal was never to just design clothes, but to build a creative space where like-minded people came on-board to make a difference.

Our inspirations were mainly from the age-old techniques, crafts & people all across the country.


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