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The Jacket has been made keeping in mind the variations in weather and in one's routine. “Mindful consumption”, having a piece of garment that can cater to multiple needs of the user. Ensuring minimal usage of resources for production of this piece. It is an amalgamation of craft, modularity, use and style. With the customer investing wisely in a piece of clothing from which they can get multiple wears and ultimately the resources used behind making the piece are used to the optimum level.
The piece not only helps the people crafting it together but also doesn’t put unwanted stress on the virgin resources of the planet. The piece not only utilises and upcycles the vintage uniforms and handloom fabrics present in our business model but also uses up other little swatches of fabric, which were sourced from other smaller manufacturing units around our community.


The Models are wearing Medium Size | Shoulders 17inches

Marammat Jacket

SKU: 23
Color: multicolour
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